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In case you need any information or clarification please email us to [email protected] Please include your contact number in your email. You may also contact the Convener or the Secretary, NSCS 28 directly at the following contact numbers.
Prof Parthasarathi Ghosh
Phone: +91-3222-283594
Prof Pavitra Sandilya
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Do I have to register to the website to submit an abstract?

Yes, submission of abstract is permitted only after registration to the website.

Q 2. How many abstracts can I submit?

There is no restriction on the number of abstract submissions by a person registered to the website.

Q 3. Do I have to register for the conference to present my accepted abstract?

At least one of the authors of an accepted abstract has to register to the conference as a participant, for presenting the work.

Q 4. I have registered for the conference. How many works can I present?

An author registered to the conference can present at most two works (poster/oral).

Q 5. Can I present a work I have not authored?

No, you cannot present a work without your authorship.

Q 6. Can I request for accommodation before I register?

No, without registering for the symposium, you will not be allowed to request for accommodation.

Q 7. My accommodation request is confirmed. Does this ensure getting the room of my preference as filled up in the accommodation request?

Confirmation of accommodation request ensures your accommodation in one of the guest houses, but not alloting the type of room of your preference. The room allotment will be done subject to availability.

Q 8. My accommodation request is declined. What are the alternatives?

You may either directly contact the guest house at +913222 282834 or check for accommodation at nearby hotels.

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